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Unblock, Unlock, And Renew

"Anyone who can communicate can create"


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Have you ever wanted to learn how to play the piano or be a better singer? How about discovering a talent you never knew you had? At Sue’s Muse we believe everyone is capable of being creative. We offer services and packages that will serve your needs. If you do not see the package you want, reach out to Sue to tailor a package that suits your individual needs. Through the use of some spiritual tools and coaching Sue will get you out of your own way. If there is some anxiety or hidden block she will help you find your way through to the other side where you will make conscious choices while finding your personal muse. Sue’s Muse teaches you how to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. Susan Cohen developed this program over the years working in the arts. She recently retired from teaching in an  inner city school district. She is an accomplished vocalist, musician, composer, lyricist, published author, jewelry designer, illustrator and artist.




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Healing Through Nature and Animals - A Journey of Illumination

Nova, a 14 year old girl lives in an inner city with a foster family. She often goes hungry and lately is getting into trouble in school. Nova has had enough of the difficult life she has lived. She seeks refuge one day by taking a bus ride to a national state forest where she encounters all sorts of characters she never encountered before. Is she willing to listen to the advice they give her? Nova is ready to turn her life around and she returns home with the tools to do this. This is the story of a girl learning how to cope with the trauma in her life.


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How to overcome mental blocks
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