About Sue’s Muse

Have you ever had the desire to play piano or sing? How about learning to paint? Have you ever just wanted to let your inner child play? Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist or a wannabe… this program will help you make conscious connections with your inner artist.

Sue’s Muse teaches you how to find the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Susan Cohen developed this program over the years working in the arts.  She recently retired from teaching in an  inner city school district. It was here that she recognized how many of her students lacked imagination. How could this be? She has her own theories and utilized them  to reach many of her students over the years.   The overall premise of her program is to identify any hidden fear or doubt that gets in your way. We do this by tuning into your heart/intuition/subconscious by being creative.  She is an accomplished vocalist, musician, composer, lyricist, published author, jewelry designer, illustrator and artist. These classes are done virtually.

 Sue also has tools to overcome anxiety. Think of her as a mixed modality muse.  Susan shows you how to find your own voice. How to reach into the cobwebs of your mind and discover your growth as an artist. How to shine your light, express yourself, become more enriched, innovative and have the ingenuity to keep growing both personally and professionally. This program is recommended for ages from adolescence through adulthood.

We have several different packages for you to choose from or feel free to contact Sue should you have any questions or want a menu designed and priced for your specific needs.. Susan is also happy to schedule a free 15 minute consultation at your convenience to discuss your individualized plan.


The first agenda for your consultation is identifying your desired outcomes.

How to overcome mental blocks
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