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Recently retired from teaching in the public school system, Susan is a vocalist, pianist, writer, illustrator, composer and artist. She is a published author and songwriter.

Susan is a creative coach. She works one on one to tailor her program individually but also in group settings. She has facilitated many classes on not only the value of being creative but how to get there. She believes you can find the extraordinary in the ordinary and that by having fun your creativity will flourish. This platform is to foster ingenuity and productivity.

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There is always a need for creativity and innovation in today's world. For example, where would we be without apple products, google, uber or Tesla?  The purpose of our business is to take creativity to another level.  You can be deliberate and spontaneous in your everyday life. Love your life and shine your light. Whether you are looking to get past a block or just want to expand on your creativity. This is for the established artist and the wannabe artist.We have packages you can choose from which suit your individual needs. Any questions please contact us. 

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