Embrace in your Space

Spontaneity has so many opportune moments. Where do you think that impulsive moment comes from? Looking at the image above, we find ourselves in an empty vast field with firewood and trees and what looks like some dried grass or wheat.

Now imagine, you were directed to meditate on what you have within this space and make something /anything out of all of this. What could you come up with and how? Close your eyes and let go of any thoughts and just let your imagination play a bit.

I would take a narrow piece of cut wood and with one of those rocks pound some holes into the length of the log after hollowing it out. The holes would be large enough for me to put my fingers over entirely. Then I would take some of that dried grass and wrap it around the diameter for a smoother grip.

Finally, I would lean against the trunk of one of those trees and listen to the gentle breeze and all that nature has to say at this given moment. Then I would put my mouth on the narrow mouthpiece I chiseled down and begin to play some full bodied sound. While playing, I would hope to hear a bird or animal sing along.

You may find this whimsical or even pointless, but I am here to suggest that tapping into your imagination brings you closer to a higher calling. By embracing the space, the moment in one given span of time, you explore visions, quests and even dream. It is an opportunity to breathe and let be. In Sue's Muse, we do all of this to reach a higher realm.

In any space let yourself create. Find the hidden muse that will light your fuse.

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