Emotions can escalate your creativity

Whoever stated that showing your emotions is a sign of weakness is either uninformed or has no enlightenment in their lives. If there was no room for emotion whether it be elation, joy, depths of despair or sadness there would be no art in any form.

When I work on my songwriting the first thing I do is write the lyrics from a place of being in the present or gathering a memory. The music then comes effortlessly and I record to save for arranging later on. This same feeling of satisfaction comes from teaching a student how to deliver a song, or presentation better. Teaching them how to play piano and watch them evolve as they play more sophisticated music and allow their emotions to emerge through their performance. The same thing goes for painting a piece that simply emerges through letting your mind just float as you tap into any emotion that comes and let your brush go.

If you look into the history of composers or artists so many of them were tortured souls. The ones that I am thinking of are mostly men who came from a time that frowned upon any display of emotion. Tchaikovsy or Van Gogh for example were said to have been depressed. Who knows, it could have been a chemical imbalance but if they had been allowed to unveil their souls would they have created any less or any better? And did the practice of creating art help them heal?

I know from personal experience, that when you feel things on a very deep level the practice of putting pen to paper, brush to canvas, hands on a keyboard and breath through your vocal cords can be very healing and liberating. Your soul in that moment merges with you where yu ascend to a higher realm. Come join me and let's create together.

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