Flow and Let Go

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

How do you feel when watching a body of moving water? Does it relax you and make you feel at peace? Imagine trying to capture the motion of the water as it slides over beds of rocks and makes these soothing musical sounds that put you in a state of calm. How could you replicate this?

If you were sitting on the edge of the brook and you had with you a pen, paper, guitar and a few markers, what would you create? It could be a song or a drawing. The colors in your drawing might replicate what the sight and sound of this brook makes you feel. It could be a written composition where your words embody the movement and sound of the water.

This creative process puts us in a state of flow. You leave the past in the past and since your future is unknown you are right in the present moment. You do not need the soul of an artist to emulate this moment. Close your eyes and be still. Allow all of your senses to open up. Just let be. Observe how your hand picks up the guitar, or picks up the pen and you randomly write anything that comes to mind. You are now in the flow of creating. It is a process unlike any other in my humble opinion. It connects you to a higher source or energy that envelops you in the safe and inviting space of creating.

There is no judgement, no boundaries and there are no goals. All you are doing is letting go and letting it flow. It being a stream of consciousness that may be coming from a higher dimension or perhaps a repressed need to express yourself. They why does not matter.

Just enjoy the moment and go with the flow.

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