As a child I could be lost for hours in my own imagination. It was here that I would make up songs, draw, dance, make jewelry from twigs, leaves and anything else to be found outdoors. I was also a happy child and that good natured quality would keep me going.

Some of us have secrets from our childhood that are dark and unfathomable. But through my imagination I could escape and leave my body. Trauma is my dirty secret but I am grateful for all the tools I developed along the way and share with others.

Our imagination is where one can go to another plane. A higher dimension. A spiritual realm. And it is here where you can really let go of any restrictions and be creative. I still write music and sing, make jewelry, paint and teach. I have been delivering messages to people much like a medium would but through art.

I create soul portraits for people that are looking for a message. It could be validation of something they are wanting to do. Or it could be a message from spirit. I can connect to a higher realm and this is important to me. I listen, tune in and feel what I must be putting on paper. I am then directed when to stop painting and this is where it gets interesting. Through color, symbols, movement and many other variables that appear in this painting I receive a message and this is when I deliver both painting and message to my clients.

My client will provide me with their birth name, city/state of birth, time if known and a picture from their youth and current time. I simply meditate over an open flame and it is hear that I am directed where to put my brush to paper.

Inspiration comes from tuning in, listening, feeling from within and from above. Without the ability to let go, where would creativity come from? I much prefer the inspiration I get from that higher plane that all of us can reach. This is what I love to share and teach with others. I recognize that not everyone is wired this way, however I believe that if you can communicate then you too can create. Be inspired and let go. Inspiration not cessation.

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