Release, Connect and Conceive

Have you ever felt confined, stifled, irritable or restless? It can be a physical sensation where your body gets tight, your breathing erratic and your thoughts get carried away. That my friends, is how I would describe anxiety. I am far too familiar with what this affliction can do to body, mind and soul. It simply cripples you.

Always, having been a creative individual, it was in my imagination that I would find refuge. Escape the memory of trauma, pretend that I was somebody else. I could be confident, self assured and what I would deem an imposter. But what a wonderful actress I was. On the exterior everything looked fine. Well groomed, showing up to all of my obligations and responsibilities with a smile.

Until one day, like a pile of rocks, it all came tumbling down. I was in ruins emotionally. My anxiety was at a level I could no longer disguise. Therapy became a companion that helped immensely. But the essence of who I am is creative and spiritual. I am that person that can disappear for hours releasing any pent up emotion that must be expressed for my own peace of mind.

As a teacher this is the tool I have always used to help others release, connect and thrive . Creativity in any form allows one to express how they are feeling in the present. By being in the present we are in control of our thoughts. It is where those thoughts will go that will define how we are feeling. It is indeed a process but learning how to trust yourself to handle your feelings is the best place to start. Let go, let be and allow yourself to have self compassion.

Learning or fostering a talent or interest in one of the arts is where you come to understand what you need, desire or want. Be comfortable in the silence as well as in the noise. Any means of expression will ground you so you can step outside of yourself and make some wonderful discoveries.

Open yourself up to learning or enhancing an expressive skill. Design, art, music, writing, acting, composing, illustrating. I have done them all and would love to share and help you grow. You can grow as an individual who wants to just explore and evolve or you can discover this as a tool for conquering those thoughts that self sabotage.

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