Restless in Creativity

Do you ever feel restless? I expect most of us have gotten restless at any given time. I think most creative individuals have felt this many times. The mind is so intricate and there are so many parts of the brain that has not yet been discovered. All I know, is that there are days when I cannot quiet my mind. The result is a restless energy that persists until I create something that centers me enough to feel grounded. It also instills within me a feeling of accomplishment once it is completed. Oftentimes, I have too many projects going at the same time and I fall short of feeling calm and centered. I do not like leaving things unfinished. Meditation is a wonderful tool for bringing me back to being centered. In the midst of a project it is a form of meditation but when the restlessness persists, meditation is where I can come back to myself and feel grounded. Live with intentions and purpose.

If you were filing reports, it's the organization that ensures someone will readily find what they need. The time spent doing this was methodical and purposeful. There was planning involved to accomplish this task. How rewarding and accomplished that must feel! I am creative and often I get so many ideas flying at me at the same time that I can barely keep up. I become immobilized with wondering where to start first which keeps me disorganized and therein lays the problem.

Being methodical requires patience and perseverance to problem solve. My question is this; Is there a canceling effect between planning and spontaneity? If we are methodical does this cancel out creativity? If we are being creative does this contradict being methodical? Why does this even matter you may be thinking.

I was raised to believe that being methodical is the key to success. That structure and planning would lead to success in life. While this may be true, a restless mind cannot always be still to methodically work on one task at a time. Creative people however, problem solve which is another form of success. We are able to look at things from a different perspective and suggest a different way to look at something. Being organized and purposeful can be the key to success but good ideas that come from looking at things differently often lead to innovation. My question is this; Do you believe success is contingent on how organized you must be?

There are many different levels of success. Success in monetary gains, success of completing a project, success of coming up with a strategy for a problem. A restless mind does not equate to failure. Rather a restless mind can come up with enough ideas that one or many may be the end result of monetary and/or personal success. If you are restless or have the game for getting to the end goal, I suppose it does not matter how you get there. The ultimate goal is the overall intention and does not need to be a race. Success either way, don't you think?

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