Have you ever listened to an orchestra and seen color? Have you ever heard what the color purple sounds like? Seeing sounds can be very healing. Why? Colors can elicit calm and soothing feelings. Think of the color blue for instance. Blue like the sky or the color of the ocean and it is soothing to our core. The feeling of calm and peace is what we feel. Blue can also be sad depending on its hue. Apparently, seeing sound is a neurological condition called "Synesthesia". I am thankful that my world of color and sound can overlap.

Overall, I try to be open minded to new music and new art stylistically. But these are times where I see frenetic, angry colors when listening to some of the music out there today. For example, black, brown, muddy colors that do not elicit a good feeling. Consequently, I start to feel a headache and nausea coming on. Easy fix of course is to avoid said sounds.

I am also an empath which makes it difficult to go to a crowded environment. If I go to a concert, I must be in the front row where it is easier to tune out the emotions and energy of other people. Emotions, energy, colors, sound each alone and collectively can evoke a quagmire with an overload of too much stimuli. Feeling the toxic energy of others can be debilitating.

I have three dogs and each of them have their own personalities and needs. and they bring me much comfort. Animals are wonderful to be around for healing purposes. They love you unconditionally and model what it means to be loving and supportive emotionally. Colors, sounds, nature, animals all healing and I am grateful for all of these things.

I enjoy stepping outside in my yard where I can close my eyes and feel the stillness and hear the sounds of nature at its best. We don't always have a choice of where we want to be or how things play out so ,what do we do if our environment is suddenly unpleasant? Breathwork helps me. By focusing on our breathing and the pattern of breathing such as breathing in for six counts holding for four and exhaling for six we are in the present and time and space cease to exist. We are being mindful of where we are and what we are doing. For today's blog, I wanted to share some tools that may help with stress which I expect most of us have. With gratitude and staying in the moment I know we can surrender and thrive.

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