Meaningful custom artwork— and messages—to connect you with your soul.

How it works

You provide the following information: Birth name, date of birth, time of birth (if known), city of birth, your current name and two photos of you: one from younger days and one taken current-day.


Using this information, I meditate over a flame and receive guidance as to what to put on paper with paint and brush. Sometimes, Spirit may tell me to use a different medium but often it’s paint. After the painting is completed I come out of my “trance” and upon viewing the picture, I am able to deliver the message(s) Spirit is relaying.

What’s Included:

The resultant painting created in meditation is sometimes an abstract piece with images and colors that are particularly meaningful. Other times it’s more realistic and the colors and scenery may have significant meaning. Either way, the completed artwork is yours to keep. In addition to the painting, once I understand the information Spirit wants you to know, I type a document that provides detail on the messages from Spirit. This “soul summary” can be mounted on the back of the matted painting.


8x10 portrait | 253

11x14 portrait | $370 Special: NOW JUST $333



Artist / Medium /

(put “soul portrait” in subject line)

PH: 518.596.5399


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Receiving a gift of art and message is such a blessing. Susan's unique style and connection was spot on for what I needed to receive. She's amazing and gifted and you feel like her talents come together just for you, because they do. I would recommend for someone that is on a journey and wants a snap shot of where they are at and what embodies who they are. I can't wait to start gifting these sessions to people I know.
YOU will LOVE Susan's work! I know I do. 

- Brandon Russ, CIC, CSC, CRC
Owner, Spirit Tree Connections

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